Hello 2022! We welcome the new year with anticipation and excitement. For many people the new year is a chance for a fresh start with motivation for achieving new goals and habits. This year you may want to start healthier habits like drinking more water or staying active. You may want to start traveling more, eating out less or change up your look. Finders Keepers Consignment stores may not be able to help you with your water Intake but we can help you spruce up your wardrobe. Whether you want to completely change up your look or just add some variety to your closet, consignment shopping is the way to go! You find unique pieces, and great brands and quality at a fraction of the price! Not only do you save because of the reduced prices, but you can also make money from the clothes you no longer use! Finders Keepers takes current styles in great to new condition. Check out our list of favorite brands here and find out more info about our consignment policy and process here. 


Here are some of our favorite new arrivals to inspire your style!