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Women's Consignment Account Guidelines

 To Open A New Account at Our Women's Clothing Location:

You can bring up to 30 freshly-laundered items during our consignment hours. Shoes, handbags, and accessories are included in the 30-item limit. 
There are no appointments and you must stay and wait. 
Your items will be assessed, and if we accept 5 items, we will review the contract with you and open you a new account. 

Please see our list of brands we love and our list of brands we do not accept before consigning. 

2024 Women's Clothing Store Consignment Contract:

Consignor Splits are based on the final selling price of the item and are as follows:

$1-$49: 40% consignor/60% store         $100-$199: 50% consignor/50% store

$50-$99: 45% consignor/55% store       $200 & Up: 60% consignor/40% store

The consignment period is 90 days. Non-luxury items are discounted 25% after 30 days and 50% after 60 days. At the end of the 90-day consignment period, items are considered expired. All non-luxury consigned merchandise is subject to special sale discounts. Finders Keepers reserves the right to determine the pricing on all items. 

It is the consignor’s responsibility to find any expired items they wish to have returned and bring them to the register to have the items processed back to them. We suggest that you come for your items before the 90 days. Expired items that have not been picked up are the property of Finders Keepers, will be sold as a part of our inventory and are subject to donation. Items over $100 may be stopped from going through donation and the consignor will be contacted by email and given 1 week to reclaim the item before donation.

Finders Keepers is not responsible for any merchandise that is lost, damaged, or stolen.
Every item that sells in the store will have a buyer fee added to the list price. This is paid by the buyer and is not included in the consignor split. 

Consignments are accepted Monday-Saturday 10-5. Consignment is not accepted on Sunday. 

Consignors may bring up to 30 items once a week of the correct season, freshly laundered and either folded in a box, bag, or on hangers. Please NO Trash Bags or Suitcases. Consignors must stay and wait. Items will be assessed, and unaccepted items will be returned. Accepted items will be processed into inventory at a later time, usually within 3 business days. Any unaccepted items left behind at the end of the day will be donated. Important: If a major flaw is found in any item at any time during the consignment period, the item will be donated and will not be available for return. Items over $50 within their 90-day period may be excluded from this policy. The consignor will be contacted by email and given 1 week to reclaim the flawed item before donation. Items with minor damage may be priced lower. 

Luxury items requiring Authentication:

We use Entrupy and Real Authentication. If an item is deemed inauthentic or unidentified, your account will be charged the $25-$30 fee. If your item is deemed authentic, the fee will be included in the price of the item. Luxury items pulled before the end of their 90-day consignment period may result in additional fees charged to your account.


Consignors may pick up money during regular business hours. Cash is given for amounts under $50, and a check will be given for amounts over $50.
Sign up for SimplePay, a Direct Deposit ACH payment option, in your online access. There is a minimum of $75 and a $3.50 fee. SimplePay payments are pushed out on the last day of each month. 

Online Access:

Check your balance and monitor your items through our online consignor access. Items are listed individually in your account along with their status and expiration. Upon opening your account, you will receive an email from

Please open it and follow the prompts to set up your online account.
Once set up, you can access your account by visiting

All policies are subject to change.