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Our CEO & Owner

Lee Ann Willis

Hello Finders Keepers Family!
Some of you may not know that before I became owner of Finders Keepers Consignment Stores, I was in a completely different career as a Vice President with BNY Mellon for 17 years.
I had always been a lifelong shopper at Finders Keepers and knew Bonnie from church. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined that she would offer me the chance at becoming the owner of her stores. And here I am, after a pandemic hitting the world,  we have weathered the worst of the pandemic and Finders Keepers has survived!
Great things are ahead of us I have no doubt! Consignment is still the best and I love it! I  feel good because of the teamwork I see and the customers who express to us how much they love our stores. We have been around 37 years and I have no doubt we will continue to grow and be in business for many more years to come in this community of Avondale Estates & Decatur that support us.

Location, Experience, Marketing

LOCATION- Our premier locations in Avondale Estates, GA and Decatur, GA result in high-visibility by walk-in and drive-by traffic. We are also enjoy the company of sought after neighboring businesses which provide walk-in traffic to our stores. Spacious, bright and easy to shop stores offer excellent opportunities for just the right staging and merchandising of your consignment items. We also have convenient and easy parking which is a huge advantage for both customers and consignors.

EXPERIENCE- Finders Keepers has been in the Consignment Industry since 1984. We are an Award- Winning company and have consistently been one of the Top Consignment Store Brands and Collections in the Atlanta area. We started with just one store and have grown to four (three brick and mortar and one, online store.) Customers come from all over Atlanta and beyond to shop with us and Consignors come from all over Georgia to consign with us.

MARKETING- Finders Keepers uses an omni-channel marketing strategy. We realize that today’s savvy shoppers are on many different social media platforms as well as they are Google searching and using Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Google My Business and many other Search Engines and Reviews platforms to find the best brands and the best deals. Finders Keepers is in all of those places with paid ads on a number of platforms to get maximum exposure for your consignment items. We also work with the top Digital Marketing Agency in the Consignment Industry to employ cutting edge marketing strategies for maximum marketing and advertising results.

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WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK LIVE- Millions of Shoppers are now shopping online. In 2020 Finders Keepers hired one of the top Shopify Website Developers to build a high-powered online store so that customers from all over Atlanta, the United States and literally all over the World, can shop for your Furniture Consignment and Fashion Consignment items. With the exception of large furniture pieces (which we are currently working on large container shipping logistics) we ship fashion and accessories and small home decor all over the world. We also use a software called Loyal Shops which engages our already large and ever growing group of Facebook Followers to shop LIVE with Finders Keeper’s Sales Associates on Facebook. It works like the Home Shopping Network. Finders Keeper’s Facebook Followers receive a text message every time we “go LIVE” on Facebook. They tune in and interact LIVE with the Sales Associate as he or she showcases items for sale. Customers can ask questions and comment “Sold” and are automatically invoiced for their purchases. We sell on Facebook LIVE many time each week with each LIVE Shopping Show lasting from 20 minutes to an hour.

QUICK SALE- Our In-Take Team is specially trained in brands and trends. You will find our Fashions & Boutique Stores’ In-Take Teams are very knowledgeable about what brands are designer, high-end and mid-range. We also know what brands are most highly sought after and what styles are trending right now. At Finders Keepers Furniture your consignment furniture and home decor items are specially curated for our furniture shoppers. We choose from best selling brands, quality and trends. If at any time we are unable to accept any items for consignment please don’t take it personally. We know what our customers want, what’s trending and what has the fastest sell-thru rate.

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Track your items quickly and easily through our on-line Consignor Software. You can login any time by visiting our website and clicking the “Consignor Login” link. We use the most cutting edge software available to the Consignment Industry. This allows you, the Consignor to track your items and to see when your items sell and how much you earned from the sale.

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You can’t be a successful consignment store since 1984 without having happy Consignors and happy Customers. Our Consignors consign again and again with us. They have shared how much they love our fast and easy Consignment process and that they feel we are very fair in our pricing and in their earnings. Our Consignors have also shared how thrilled they are that we market their items in so many different places giving them maximum exposure with a faster selling time. Most of our Consignors come to us because they are referred to us at Finders Keepers, from a family or friend who consigns with us.

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