Consignment Store Questions And Answers


How does consignment work at Finders Keepers?
At Finders Keepers you bring us your gently used, lightly loved furniture, home decor, fashion & accessories and we sell them for you. We market your items through our brick and mortar stores, a beautiful website, social media and Facebook LIVE videos. 
What Items and Brands Do You Take?

We accept a multitude of brands and various items. We are currently updating our list of items and brands so please check back here soon for our most current and updated list.

For Fashion our Customers love to buy current styles. Bring us those gorgeous items that are 4 years old and newer with a few exceptions for some luxury brands which have a longer resale period.

Due to COVID 19 we are now prohibited from accepting clothing in un-breathable plastic bags. All clothing must now be brought in:

Clean and hung or neatly folded; in open- top shopping bags  or a laundry basket which will be returned to you upon us going through your consignments. (Note: Hangers WILL be returned.)

For Furniture Consignment we do ask that you send a picture first for preapproval of larger items and we do offer drop and run and stay and wait at the furniture store.  Our customers are seeking current and in-style furniture, home decor and accessories. We are compiling an updated list for you, so check back soon.

Do you buy outright?
Currently at this time we do not Buy Outright but check back often because you just never know if that will change, however right now as a Traditional Consignment Store we are able to get a little more money for our Consignors. 
Do you accept consignments on Sunday?

Currently we do not take Consignments on Sundays so our staff can ensure our Consignment areas operate at maximum efficiency. It also gives us an extra day to focus just on the sale of your items. 


Do I need an appointment?

We are pleased to offer you No-Appointment Consigning. 

Due to COVID Guidelines all Consignors will now wait for their Consignments. You can enjoy shopping in our stores while you wait. Our Consignment Team is receiving some new training to be able to more quickly assess items for resale. 

How Many Finders Keepers Locations Are There?
Finders Keepers has 4 locations.
Finders Keepers Fashions in Avondale Estates sells and consigns business attire, casual clothing, and accessories for women.

Finders Keepers Furnishings in Avondale Estates sells and consigns contemporary, mid-century, and antique furniture.

Finders Keepers Boutique in North Decatur sells and consigns designer clothing and accessories for women.

Finders Keepers Menswear in North Decatur sells and consigns designer clothing and accessories for men.
Do you accept donations?
We do not accept donations.
All Finders Keepers locations are consignment only.
Do you accept kids and maternity clothing?
We do not consign or sell kids or maternity clothing and accessories.
We recommend Jack and Jill Consignments for kids and maternity.
Visit their website:
How do I get paid for my sold items?
As soon as one of your items is purchased, your account is automatically credited for your percentage of the sold item, and the money is available to you as soon as the return-period for that item has passed (between 1 and 2 business days after purchase depending on the location.)

You may pick up your available balance at any Finders Keepers location during business hours. If your balance is less than $50, you can receive a cash payout. If your balance is $50 or more, we can write you a check.

You can also opt in to receive checks in the mail during the first week of every month if you have a balance of $50 or more. A $1.25 mailing fee is deducted to cover the cost of the process.
What If My Items Don't Sell?
After the consignment period has ended, your items fall under the “ingrace” category and are subject to donation.
If you do not want your items donated, you have the option of picking them up from the Finders Keepers store where they are located.
It is your responsibility to find your items on the sales floor at each location, and take them to a register. Due to a high volume of merchandise coming in daily, consigned items under $30 are not available to be returned. Any consignor wanting unsold items over $30 is responsible for pulling it themselves from the floor. For the Boutique Store, it is the same as above but under $50.
An associate will remove your items from our database.
We Are Happy To Announce We Are Now Processing Consignments via Stay & Wait Only For Clothing

OK, yes we know this is a huge change and some of you will be extremely happy while others not so much, but this is a change we had to make due to COVID-19’s new Guidelines. 


Our team of Consignment Professionals are getting some expert training from some of the top Consignment Pro’s in the country. We will be able to efficiently process your intake items in a timely manner. 


Please allow time for the Stay & Wait process. We hope you will enjoy walking around our stores during this time.