Furniture Consignment FAQ’s


How does consignment work at Finders Keepers?
At Finders Keepers, we sell your items for you. Once your items are sold, you get a percentage of the profit. The percentage varies based on the individual price of the item.
There is a $12 annual membership at every Finders Keepers location.
If you’re a new consginor, the membership is taken out when you open a new account.
If you’re a current consignor, the membership is taken out with your first drop of the year.
What items and brands do you accept?
We take many different brands and items, and it varies by location!
Do you buy outright?
We are traditional consignment. We do not buy outright at any of our locations.
Do you accept consignments on Sundays?
Finders Keepers does not accept consignments on Sundays at any location.
Click here for more information about each location and their consignment hours.
Do I need an appointment?
You do not need an appointment to bring in consignments. Consignments are handled on a first come first serve basis.
If you are a new account, please set aside enough time to wait in the store while an associate assesses your items.
How many locations do you have?
Finders Keepers has 4 locations.
Finders Keepers Fashions in Avondale Estates sells and consigns business attire, casual clothing, and accessories for women.
Finders Keepers Furnishings in Avondale Estates sells and consigns contemporary, mid-century, and antique furniture.
Finders Keepers Boutique in North Decatur sells and consigns designer clothing and accessories for women.
Finders Keepers Menswear in North Decatur sells and consigns designer clothing and accessories for men.
Do you accept donations?
We do not accept donations.
All Finders Keepers locations are consignment only.
Do you accept kids and maternity clothing?
We do not consign or sell kids or maternity clothing and accessories.
We recommend Jack and Jill Consignments for kids and maternity.
Visit their website:
How do I get paid for my sold items?
As soon as one of your items is purchased, your account is automatically credited for your percentage of the sold item, and the money is available to you as soon as the return-period for that item has passed (between 1 and 2 business days after purchase depending on the location.)
You may pick up your available balance at any Finders Keepers location during business hours. If your balance is less than $50, you can receive a cash payout. If your balance is $50 or more, we can write you a check.
You can also opt in to receive checks in the mail during the first week of every month if you have a balance of $50 or more. A $1.25 mailing fee is deducted to cover the cost of the process.
What does "Ingrace" mean?
After the consignment period has ended, your items fall under the “ingrace” category and are subject to donation.
If you do not want your items donated, you have the option of picking them up from the Finders Keepers store where they are located.
It is your responsibility to find your items on the sales floor at each location, and take them to a register.
An associate will remove your items from our database.
What do "Stay and Wait" and "Drop and Run" mean?
After you’ve become a consignor with any Finders Keepers location, you have two drop off options.
Stay and Wait:
You must stay in the store while an associate sorts through your items. You can bring a maximum of 25 items. Your unaccepted items are given back to you.
(The clothing locations require clothing to be on hangers for this option. Your hangers are returned to you.)
Jewelry is not included in the 25 item limit.
Drop and Run:
You don’t have to wait in the store.
Your items are processed at a later date.
You can bring a maximum of 75 items for the clothing locations (You do not have to bring clothing on hangers).
You can bring a maximum of 50 items for the furniture location.


Unaccepted items with a “Drop and Run” are donated.


Click here for a list of charities we donate to.